Our services

Lab Tests

General clinical analysis, hypersensitive diagnosis of PCR infections, serological tests for antibodies, the bacteriological culture of microflora and sensitivity to antibiotics, etc.


Primary consultation, call a specialist for consultation: cardiologist, traumatologist, oculist, etc.

Vaccinations and deworming

Vaccination of animals from all viral diseases, registration of vaccination against rabies in the general base of Rivia

Surgery, teeth cleaning

We perform surgery on castration of animals, removal of tumors, removal of stones from the bladder, closure of the hernia, cesarean section, etc. We also clean the teeth with an ultrasound machine, and if necessary, we will extract the teeth.

Animal passport

Issuance of a passport for an animal of the European sample, registration of an animal in the name of the new owner


Chip setting, chip registration in the passport for the animal and in the general database of Spain

Sertificates for traveling

Inspection of the animal before the trip and issuance of a certificate for travel

Diagnosis with special tools

We carry out diagnostics using diagnostic equipment